The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Hollywood studios have reached a tentative agreement to potentially end the writers strike that has been going on for nearly five months. The agreement must be approved by the guild’s board and members before the strike officially ends. The WGA represents 11,500 film and television writers and has called the proposed deal “exceptional” with “meaningful gains and protections for writers”. However, there have been no discussions yet about resuming negotiations with striking actors. The strike has affected late-night talk shows, scripted shows, and film productions, causing delays and hiatuses. The negotiations between the WGA and the studios involved top executives from Disney, Netflix, Warner Bros. Discovery, and NBCUniversal. The strike by screenwriters is their first since 2007 and their longest since 1988. It has become a pivotal moment in Hollywood as creative labor faces off against executives in an industry transformed by technology and the emergence of artificial intelligence.

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