The American economy has been growing faster than expected, with a growth rate of 3% or more this quarter. Economists had predicted a recession, but instead, there has been a mini growth miracle. This can be attributed to factors such as increased spending by the Biden administration, resilient American consumers, low oil prices, and the rise of artificial intelligence.

Interest rate hikes by the central bank usually slow down the economy, but the impact has been lighter than anticipated. This is because American consumers have reduced their debt burden and are carrying more fixed-rate debt. Additionally, pandemic programs and stimulus cash have provided a financial boost to consumers.

Furthermore, the drop in oil prices has given US consumers more confidence and spending power. The Biden administration’s ambitious government spending, particularly in the military and industrial sectors, has also contributed to economic growth. Companies are taking advantage of government subsidies, particularly in the tech industry and artificial intelligence.

Despite the positive growth, there are concerns about the future. When temporary boosts wear off, the American economy may face headwinds and settle into a slower pace of growth. It is important to note that predictions in economics are often unreliable, as unexpected events can shape the trajectory of an economy.

Overall, the US economy has experienced a surprising period of growth, but the long-term future remains uncertain.

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