Meta is planning to introduce a new AI chatbot called “Gen AI Personas” that is specifically designed for younger users. This chatbot, set to be launched during Meta’s upcoming Meta Connect event, will have various personalities aimed at engaging young users with more lively behavior. The idea is inspired by the success of ChatGPT, which has quickly become one of the fastest-growing apps.

Prior to this, Meta has already been testing similar chatbot personas on Instagram. Internal chat discussions reveal that the company has experimented with personas like a sassy robot inspired by Bender from Futurama, and an overly curious character named “Alvin the Alien.” However, some of the chatbot responses have raised concerns, such as one comment that joked about a girl vomiting on someone.

Meta intends to develop several chatbot personas, including ones tailored for productivity tasks like coding. Additionally, the company is working on a chatbot creation tool that would allow celebrities to create their own chatbots for their fans.

According to former executives from Snap and Instagram, chatbots may not be seen as specifically targeting Gen Z users, but Gen Z is generally more comfortable with newer technology. Meta’s ultimate goal with these chatbots, like with any new product, is to keep users engaged for longer periods of time in order to have more opportunities to serve them ads.

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