Australia’s rental crisis is causing some international students to become homeowners. Rising rents and limited availability of housing have led students to choose buying over renting. For example, Tina Teng, an international student from China, decided to purchase a two-bedroom apartment in South Melbourne after her landlord proposed a rent increase that she deemed unacceptable. Similarly, Linh Vu, a Vietnamese student, bought an apartment near South Melbourne after a challenging experience renting a house far from the CBD. While buying provides a sense of security, experts warn that it is not a sustainable solution to the overall housing crisis. Some international students may not be able to afford buying due to high prices, which could worsen the housing supply crisis. Additionally, owning property may restrict students’ flexibility after graduation. Despite these concerns, foreign investor interest in the Australian property market is rising again, particularly from Chinese buyers, with Australia being the top destination for cross-border home buyers. However, experts advise caution in identifying good value properties and avoiding unscrupulous sellers.

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