The article is about the growing popularity of cricket in China, as witnessed during the Asian Games women’s bronze medal match between Pakistan and Bangladesh. The match took place in Hangzhou, at the Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) Cricket Field. The crowd, mostly Chinese, showed great interest and enthusiasm for the game, despite many of them being unfamiliar with cricket. Some spectators, who had previously watched cricket in Sri Lanka, expressed their curiosity to learn more about the sport. Others attended the match simply because it was part of the Asian Games and they wanted to watch any kind of sport. The venue manager confirmed that cricket would continue to be played at the ZJUT Cricket Field even after the Asian Games, as the university plans to teach cricket to its students and encourage the formation of cricket clubs. Pakistan’s head coach also emphasized the importance of spreading cricket to new territories and suggested introducing the sport through schools and exchange programs. He suggested that starting with a shorter version of the game and linking it to baseball could help generate interest among Chinese youth.

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