California Governor Gavin Newsom has vetoed several bills, including one that would have required parental notification for trans youth issues in schools. Conservative groups had pushed for this policy, but members of the LGBTQ caucus were considering introducing a bill to halt it. However, concerns about messaging led them to shelve the idea. Republicans praised Newsom for his veto, while a gay San Francisco Senator called it a “tragedy” for trans kids. Newsom also vetoed a bill requiring human drivers to be present in self-driving trucks. This measure was supported by labor groups concerned about job loss due to automation, but Newsom’s business officials opposed it. Lawmakers and labor groups criticized the veto, believing regulators are too friendly to industry. Newsom also rejected a bill preventing California’s prison system from sharing information about incarcerated immigrants with federal officials. He stated that the current law strikes the right balance. This is not the first time Newsom has broken with immigrant advocates. Many more bills await Newsom’s decision before the October 14 deadline, which will test his balance between business interests and labor.

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