Research teams are trying to find evidence of rare events that can help understand the origin and nature of matter in the universe. However, they face challenges in filtering out static noise and interfering signals from their own equipment. To overcome this, scientists have developed electronic cables with ultra-pure materials that have low levels of radioactive contaminants. These cables are specifically designed to not interfere with highly sensitive experiments. The researchers meticulously plan their every move and handle the cables with extreme care in an ultraclean laboratory. After years of work, the resulting cables are now free of contaminants and will not impact the operation of future experiments. These low-radioactivity cables can increase the sensitivity of experiments and allow more flexibility in detector design. The researchers are looking for evidence of dark matter and neutrinoless double beta decay, which are key mysteries of the universe. Dark matter makes up 85% of the matter in the universe, yet it has never been directly observed. The existence of matter in the universe may hinge on the unique properties of neutrinos. The ultra-pure cables will be used in upcoming experiments to search for evidence of these rare events. They may also have applications in quantum computing. The research was supported by the Department of Energy.

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