The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in Pakistan is facing a shortage of staff to handle an expected increase in accountability cases. Many NAB officers are currently on deputation to other departments. Over the past eight to ten months, more than 30 NAB officers have been sent elsewhere on deputation. In addition, the bureau is also lacking top officials following the recent resignations of its deputy chairman and prosecutor general. To address this shortage, NAB has requested the services of officers from various other government agencies and departments. The bureau particularly needs personnel in areas such as forensic audit, investigation, and tax expertise. The loss of manpower was a decision made by the NAB chairman to increase exposure and experience for his officers. However, with the reopening of accountability cases, NAB is now sending around 1,800 references to relevant accountability courts. The cases reopened are worth less than Rs500m. The accountability watchdog has not commented on the situation.

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