A locally manufactured injection called “Avastin” has been recalled from the market in Punjab, Pakistan, after causing loss of vision in several patients. The injection was given to diabetic patients in Lahore, Kasur, and Jhang districts to treat retinal damage but resulted in severe infections and loss of eyesight for about 12 patients. The Punjab government has formed a committee to investigate the issue and a case has been registered against the suppliers of the injection. The Caretaker Health Minister, Dr Nadeem Jan, stated that the injection has been banned from sale and a legal inquiry has been initiated against the suppliers. The government assures that the matter will be investigated transparently and the findings will be shared with the public. The government also aims to take action against those responsible and provide medical assistance to the affected patients. The injection had a high profit margin and was distributed by a well-reputed institution. The entire batch has been removed from the market by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap). Investigation is being conducted to determine if there are sterilization issues or problems with the entire batch, including the licensing and qualifications of the doctors involved. The exact number of affected patients is unclear, as interviews with each patient are ongoing.

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