The Australian government is proposing to create a system called the National Skills Passport, which aims to connect workers looking for jobs with employers who need specific skills and training. The government has allocated $9.1 million to support the development of a business case for this system. The passport will allow workers to showcase their qualifications, micro-credentials, prior learning, workplace experience, and general capabilities. To ensure the success of this initiative, businesses, unions, tertiary institutions, and students will be consulted. The goal of the National Skills Passport is to make it easier for employers to find highly-qualified staff and for workers to have their qualifications recognized. Treasurer Jim Chalmers states that this system will help workers adapt to new technology and seize opportunities in the future. The proposal has received support from the Business Council, which believes that it will provide a consistent format for employers to view and verify the skills and competencies of potential employees. The opposition claims that the Labor government plagiarized this policy from the coalition, who introduced a similar skills passport policy before the last election. The government’s employment white paper, which will be released soon, is expected to address various reform agendas and introduce a new objective for full employment. The Reserve Bank currently uses an unemployment rate target to control inflation, but the paper argues for a broader range of measures to track full employment.

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