Installer No. 7 is a guide to the best and most interesting things in the world. This week, the author has been reading about AI writing, rewatching John Wick movies, shopping for iPhone docks, and hoping for the future of gaming. They also have recommendations for a new Windows laptop, crypto-related podcasts, trying Bard again, OpenAI’s image-making tool, a smart home platform, and a baby monitor. The author mentions that this week’s content is Apple-heavy due to the New Apple Software Upgrade Week, but they promise to cover Android 14 in the future. They also mention Meta Connect coming up and suggest getting weird with VR stuff. The author then introduces some recent releases, including Orion, a new iPad app that turns it into an external screen, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio 2, a movie called Dumb Money, Amazon’s Echo Hub, Vulture’s Movies Fantasy League, OpenAI’s DALL-E 3, YouTube Create, Tally 2.0, Google Bard Extensions, and Whisper Notes. The author concludes by discussing the different ways to approach interactive widgets on iPhones and iPads, such as playback widgets, checkbox widgets, timer widgets, counter widgets, and weather widgets. They suggest replacing tasks that involve tapping the app, tapping a thing, and closing the app with interactive widgets to enhance phone usage. They also mention Widgetsmith and Launcher as apps to create custom widgets.

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