The article discusses the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and highlights their features and improvements. It mentions that these phones are not groundbreaking but are better than their predecessors in many small but meaningful ways. The article emphasizes the visible and measurable updates, such as the use of USB-C, more options for the Action Button, camera improvements, and being lighter and more comfortable to hold. It also mentions some downsides, such as the lack of a 5x telephoto lens on the smaller model and the included USB-C cable not supporting fast data transfer speeds.

The article also mentions the pricing, with the Pro Max starting at a higher price than last year. It talks about the weight reduction and slimmer design of the new models, making them more comfortable to use. The color options are described as muted, and the FineWoven cases and accessories are not recommended due to scratching issues.

The switch to USB-C is highlighted as a positive change, allowing for easy compatibility with various cables and accessories. The article mentions the convenience of connecting hubs and using wired internet connections with the USB-C port. It suggests that even those reluctant about the change will eventually benefit from the convenience.

Lastly, the article discusses the phone’s connectivity options, including 5G and Wi-Fi 6E. It states that Wi-Fi 6E can provide fast speeds but may have limitations in terms of signal range. Overall, the article portrays the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max as incremental improvements with notable features and conveniences.

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