The cost of living in Canada, particularly in cities like Vancouver, is becoming increasingly unaffordable. This has led to concerns about whether it is fair to increase immigration when housing is already scarce. Many newcomers, like Ankita Goel who moved from Mumbai to Vancouver in 2019, are regretting their decision due to the high cost of housing and other essentials. Inflation in Canada is on the rise, and the cost of rent and mortgages continues to increase, creating an affordable housing crisis. However, despite these challenges, the government has increased immigration targets and aims to bring in 500,000 permanent residents per year by 2025. This has sparked a debate about whether the government should ensure that all the necessary pieces, such as affordable housing, are in place before increasing immigration. Some experts believe that if the housing crisis doesn’t improve, highly skilled immigrants may start considering other countries. While there are concerns about the housing crisis, the demand for immigration to Canada remains high. However, there is a need to link immigration to the current economic realities and ensure that immigrants are encouraged to enter sectors with available jobs. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has identified a need for 3.5 million more housing units to restore affordability. While improvements need to be made to Canada’s immigration system, the housing crisis cannot be solely blamed on immigration. It is necessary for the government to invest in building housing and address the underlying issues causing the crisis. Newcomers often face challenges in finding housing, such as a lack of rental history and reference letters. Despite these difficulties, most newcomers remain positive and see opportunities in Canada, especially for their children.

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