The Quebec government is considering implementing new French proficiency rules for temporary workers, but business leaders are opposed to the idea. They argue that the province is already facing a severe labor shortage, and adding more barriers to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program will discourage workers from coming to Quebec. Temporary workers play a crucial role in filling the labor gap, and increasing restrictions on their entry will only exacerbate the problem. The immigration process is already slow, causing business owners to rely on temporary workers. The Quebec government is currently holding public consultations to determine its immigration strategy for the next three years. Business leaders are advocating for an increase in the number of immigrants to Quebec in order to address the labor shortage. However, there are concerns about the impact of increased immigration on housing availability and the preservation of the French language. The government is considering ways to ensure that temporary immigrants contribute to the protection of French while also meeting labor needs. The government has previously implemented measures to promote the French language, but business leaders believe that making it easier for temporary workers to immigrate to Quebec would be more beneficial.

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