Intel recently held its annual Innovation event in San Jose, where they shared upcoming developments for the next few years. One important announcement was the launch of the “Meteor Lake” generation, which will be the first chips built on the new Intel 4 process and will feature a dedicated AI coprocessor. These chips will save power by offloading lighter processes to a separate low-power processor. In terms of gaming, Meteor Lake chips can incorporate Intel’s Arc graphics directly on-chip.

Intel also confirmed that they have plans to challenge AMD’s 3D V-Cache technology, although it won’t be part of the Meteor Lake generation. Lunar Lake, the successor to Meteor Lake, is set to release in 2024 and will use Intel’s Foveros design. Intel has also started working on a CPU generation called “Panther Lake” which is set to be announced in 2025.

Intel showcased Pike Creek, the world’s first UCIe-enabled chiplet-based processor, which allows different silicon modules to work together in one chiplet package. Intel is also transitioning from using organic resin to using glass as the foundation of its chips, which will allow for more transistors and better data transfer.

Intel also announced the upcoming Sierra Forest Xeon processor with 288 E-cores and confirmed that the 5th-Gen “Emerald Rapids” Xeon line will launch on December 14th. Lastly, there was a playful nod to CEO Pat Gelsinger’s love for Taylor Swift during the event.

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