“No One Will Save You” is a movie that quickly jumps into action. It starts with a home invasion that turns out to be an alien invasion. The story follows Brynn, a young woman who lives alone in a secluded house. She is ignored or disliked by everyone in town for unknown reasons. One night, an alien breaks into her house with telepathic powers, and Brynn barely escapes. As the movie progresses, the alien threat grows, and Brynn is left to fend for herself as her neighbors and the police refuse to help. The film maintains its mystery, with little explanation about the aliens or why everyone hates Brynn. The visual effects of the aliens may look unrealistic at times, but overall, the movie is a thrilling and intense experience. It is best enjoyed without knowing too much beforehand. “No One Will Save You” is a great surprise for the spooky season, and while the ending may be odd, the journey to get there is captivating. The movie is currently available for streaming on Hulu in the US and on Star Plus and Disney Plus in other countries.

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