President Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea recently spoke at the United Nations General Assembly and suggested that North Korea now prioritizes its relationship with Russia over its relationship with South Korea. This could lead to a downturn in the inter-Korean relationship. President Yoon warned North Korea against acquiring technology from Russia that could enhance its weapons-of-mass-destruction capabilities. He described the relationship between North Korea and Russia as Russia first and North Korea second, indicating Russia’s higher priority. This naming order has caused a controversy as it goes against the trend of North Korea being mentioned first in its bilateral relationships with other countries. South Korea has traditionally referred to its relationship with the US as “North Korea and the US,” but it is now being expressed as “the US and North Korea.” Experts believe that this change could signify a significant shift in foreign relations priorities. It is also noteworthy that South Korea has been using the naming order “South Korea, Japan, and China” in reference to its relationship with these countries, which may negatively impact its relations with China. Changing the naming order is seen as unnecessary and potentially risky.

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