The warmup game for the cricket World Cup 2023 between Pakistan and New Zealand will be played without any spectators. This decision was made because the police in Hyderabad, India, had concerns about security due to religious festivals happening around that time. The police needed to focus on these festivals, so they asked for the game to be postponed. However, since the schedule couldn’t be changed, it was decided to play the match behind closed doors. People who had bought tickets for the game will receive refunds. Another warmup game, between Pakistan and Australia, will still have spectators. The World Cup schedule has already undergone several changes, including rescheduling the India vs Pakistan match. These changes were made after requests from foreign teams and concerns about security during religious festivals. Security concerns were also raised for matches in Hyderabad that were rescheduled. Overall, the World Cup schedule has been adjusted to accommodate various factors and ensure the safety and convenience of players and spectators.

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