Han Sung Motor, the local importer and distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Korea, has won five events in the “2023 Korea TechMasters” competition held by the German brand. This competition is held every two years to enhance Mercedes-Benz’s expertise and customer services. Out of the 969 service center employees who participated in the preliminary round, only 40 remained for the final tournaments held this month.

Han Sung Motor participated in seven events and emerged victorious in the auto body, paint, service adviser, EQ technician, and EQ service adviser sectors. Winning in the newly added Body and EQ Experts games is particularly significant as it acknowledges the company’s advanced technology in both traditional and electric cars.

Moreover, Han Sung Motor has also been recognized internationally, winning the first prize in maintenance services at the 2010 and 2016 Global TechMaster contests.

With 22 nationwide service centers, Han Sung Motor has the largest network among Mercedes-Benz importers in Korea. CEO Ulf Ausprung expressed gratitude for the recognition and stated that the company will continue to support strategic education programs to provide quality services to their customers.

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