Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that other countries are supporting Canada in its fight against giant tech companies over the Online News Act. The act, known as C-18, requires companies like Google and Meta to pay news outlets for the content they share on their platforms. Meta has already removed news and content from Canadian publishers in response to the law, and Google has threatened to do the same. Trudeau said that during his recent G20 meeting in India, other countries encouraged his government to stand strong. The law aims to address the dominance of tech giants in the advertising market, which has negatively impacted news outlets. The government claims that Google and Meta controlled 80% of the $14 billion in online ad revenue in Canada in 2022. The CBC, as a news organization, could benefit financially from the law. Governments in other countries, such as California and New Zealand, are also considering similar regulations. Trudeau stated that these jurisdictions are observing Canada’s implementation of the Online News Act. The government has estimated that Google and Meta would have to pay a combined $234 million to comply with the law. Meta has already stated that it will not reverse its decision to block news content on its platforms, while Google is still reviewing the draft regulations.

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