Dough, a company that makes monitors and tablets, has developed a bad reputation for not giving refunds or delivering products to customers. They promised to fix this reputation by offering rapid refunds and better customer support. However, 42 customers have now come forward to say that they were ignored by the company even after filling out a form for a refund. Only eight people out of the 42 received their money back, but four of those were forced credit card chargebacks. One person received a refund for their deposit but not for their full order. Only one person received a full refund for their monitor, but they had only ordered it one month ago. Eleven people were completely ignored by the company after filling out the form. Some customers have been waiting for refunds for months or even years, with promises of refunds taking up to 20 business days. The company has previously blamed another entity for not delivering refunds. The customers who were newly ignored had mostly purchased tablets or were seeking support for broken monitors. Despite these issues, some customers have received replacements or refunds after reaching out to the media for help.

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