Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit China in October for talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. This will be Putin’s first known trip abroad since an arrest warrant was issued against him over the deportation of children from Ukraine. Nikolai Patrushev, a close ally of Putin, stated that Russia and China should deepen cooperation in response to Western attempts to contain them. The talks in Beijing are expected to be thorough. Putin will attend the third Belt and Road Forum, after being invited by Xi during a visit to Moscow in March. The International Criminal Court issued the warrant for Putin’s arrest on suspicions of illegally deporting children from Ukraine, but Moscow denies these allegations. The warrant was seen by the Kremlin as evidence of the West’s hostility towards Russia. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, trade between China and Russia has increased significantly, as Russia has sold greater volumes of oil to China due to Western sanctions. The United States views China as its biggest long-term strategic competitor and Russia as an acute threat. China has refrained from condemning Russia’s operation in Ukraine, in line with the Kremlin. Earlier this year, the CIA Director warned that Russia was becoming more dependent on China and at risk of becoming its economic colony.

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