According to data released by the Election Commission of Pakistan, the number of registered voters in Pakistan has increased by 21 million over the past four years. In 2018, there were around 106 million registered voters in the country, and as of July 25 this year, that number has risen to approximately 127 million.

The data also reveals that the number of female voters has increased from 46.7 million in 2018 to 58.5 million, making up around 46% of the total registered voters. Male voters, on the other hand, comprise 54% or 68.5 million of the total voters.

An analysis of the data by age shows that youth between the ages of 18-35 make up 45% of those eligible to vote, which is an increase from 43.8% in the 2018 elections. The elderly aged 56 and above constitute 18.9% of the total voter count.

In terms of district breakdown, Punjab has the largest number of eligible voters with 72.3 million or 56.9% of all voters. Sindh ranks second with 26.6 million voters, followed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 21.7 million voters. Balochistan has 5.3 million voters, while Islamabad has slightly more than a million voters.

The release of this data comes shortly after it was announced that the preliminary delimitation of constituencies for the upcoming polls is expected to be completed by September 26. The Election Commission has expressed satisfaction with the progress of this process and has accelerated the timeline to complete it by November 30, potentially paving the way for elections in late January.

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