Microsoft’s recent disc-less Xbox Series X is not the only revelation to come out of the FTC v. Microsoft case. Documents from the case suggest that Microsoft has plans for “full convergence” of its cloud gaming platform and physical hardware by 2028. The company envisions developing a hybrid game platform that combines the power of client and cloud to deliver immersive game experiences. The leaked presentation, titled “The Next Generation of Gaming at Microsoft,” describes the idea of playing games using a sub-$99 gadget, possibly a handheld device, along with the xCloud platform. This concept has been advocated for before, with Microsoft previously offering photorealistic scenery in games like Microsoft Flight Simulator by streaming in data from the cloud. The documents mention a potential partnership with AMD for silicon, including graphics and CPU cores, as well as the use of an NPU (machine learning AI coprocessor). The roadmap outlined in the documents suggests that hardware design would begin in 2024, with the first hybrid cloud games being produced from 2024 to 2026. Microsoft’s top leadership, including CEO Satya Nadella and Xbox boss Phil Spencer, have been involved in discussions about these plans. The company sees cloud-first gaming as increasingly important and has hired talent focused on cloud-native games. Sony is also making similar moves in the cloud gaming space.

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