Marianna, a woman who longs for the culture of her childhood, feels saddened because she believes it no longer exists. She used to write letters to her grandmother in Greek when she was younger. Now, she feels connected to her culture through her love for nostalgia. Bob and his brother Dave, aged 84, are Australia’s oldest blacksmiths who also long for a past that no longer exists. Bob is fond of old technology and nostalgic about old songs. Associate Professor Celia Harris, a psychologist specializing in memory, says nostalgia can have positive effects on mood and optimism. However, Professor Alex Haslam, a psychologist specializing in identity, believes that living solely in the past can lead to depression. Marianna has experienced this after the loss of her grandfather. She worried about moving forward and had negative thoughts about the future. Despite this, Marianna still finds comfort and intimacy in writing letters to her grandmother. Bob sees his connection to the past as a way to look towards the future. Both Marianna and Bob treasure their memories and believe that those moments are personal and special.

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