Huawei may launch a mid-range 5G phone around October, according to a report from China’s IT Times. Due to US sanctions, Huawei’s access to chipmaking tools has been restricted since 2019, making it difficult for the company to produce advanced 5G phones. However, the report suggests that Huawei has overcome these challenges and plans to release a 5G version of its mid-range Nova phone in the coming months. The article also mentions that Huawei recently released the Mate 60 Pro smartphone, which features a domestically-made 7-nanometer processor and 5G capabilities. This is seen as a significant achievement for China’s efforts to develop its own chip ecosystem. The last Nova model from Huawei is limited to 4G and sells for about 2,400 yuan ($329) in China, while the Mate 60 Pro, currently available in limited quantities, retails for 6,999 yuan. Huawei is expected to provide more information about the Mate 60 Pro at an upcoming product launch event.

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