SoftBank Group will receive $5.12 billion from the initial public offering (IPO) of Arm Holdings. Arm is a British chip designer owned by SoftBank and its chips are used in most smartphones. The IPO took place on the U.S. Nasdaq stock exchange and was the largest in the U.S. this year, bringing Arm’s market value to over $65 billion. The success of the IPO reflects the excitement over advancements in artificial intelligence and Arm’s role in supporting them.

The proceeds from the IPO will help replenish SoftBank’s funds. The company has suffered losses in recent years due to the decline in the value of its tech start-up investments. The share sale, along with the market recovery, will make it easier for SoftBank to invest in AI-related venture firms, as it can use Arm’s shares as collateral.

There are reports that SoftBank is considering investing in OpenAI, a U.S. tech firm known for its ChatGPT AI program.

In summary, SoftBank is set to receive a significant amount of money from the Arm IPO, which will help boost its financial position. The success of Arm’s IPO and the market recovery also present opportunities for SoftBank to invest in AI-related ventures.

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