The use of advanced devices for cheating in the recent Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) in Pakistan has caused concern among the medical community. However, experts believe that this issue can be addressed using modern methods. The test, which took place on September 10, had over 180,000 candidates. Rumors and reports emerged afterward that some students used Bluetooth devices and other tools to cheat. Health Minister Dr Nadeem Jan expressed shock at the use of technology for cheating. A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has been established to investigate the cheating racket. Some renowned educational academies may be involved in using unfair means to help their students get high marks. The unfair means used in the exams include wireless GSM pens equipped with microphones and micro earpieces and GSM SIM-operated devices. Technology experts suggest using modern tools like frequency jammers to prevent wireless communication in exam halls. These jammers can block devices like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that students may use to cheat. The use of custom-built devices operating on different radio frequencies can also be blocked. The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) states that it is the responsibility of the provinces and universities hosting the test to take preventative measures against cheating.

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