Cotton arrival in Pakistan has increased by 29.3% as of September 15 compared to August 31, according to the Pakistan Cotton Ginner’s Association (PCGA). The total cotton arrival rose to 3.933 million bales, an increase of 0.892 million bales. This is a significant improvement from last year when flash floods devastated agricultural land and impacted the cotton crop. The increase in cotton arrivals is good news for Pakistan’s cash-strapped textile sector, which relies on cotton as a raw material.

The data also shows that cotton arrival in Punjab increased by 44.5% compared to August 31, while in Sindh it increased by 21.2%. On a yearly basis, cotton arrivals from Punjab increased by 43.4%, and in Sindh, the increase was even more pronounced at 115.2%.

In terms of textile exports, Pakistan saw a decline of 6% in August 2023 compared to the same period last year. The country’s textile exports for the first eight months of the year were down 19% compared to the previous year. The caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce and Industries and Production has set an ambitious target of $25 billion in textile exports for the current financial year, aiming to revive shuttered industries within one month.

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