The proposal being discussed in this content is a set of merger guidelines put forth by the Justice Department’s antitrust division and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This proposal has received praise from progressive activists, but has faced criticism from various other sources, including Obama administration officials and antitrust scholars.

It is important to note that the Justice Department and FTC have not had much success in the courts since their confirmation in 2021. They have faced losses and criticism from judges in cases related to mergers in various industries.

The proposed merger guidelines have raised concerns because they seem to abandon the traditional consumer welfare standard that has guided merger enforcement policy for decades. Instead, the guidelines focus on preventing mergers based on a broader set of concerns, such as economic inequality and the rate of small business formation.

One of the proposed guidelines suggests that a merger with a market share of over 30 percent is inherently problematic, regardless of the overall state of the market. Critics argue that this rule is arbitrary and does not take into account potential benefits for consumers.

Another concern is that the guidelines give regulators significant leeway to block vertical mergers without considering their effects on consumers. This could make it easier for the government to win these cases in court.

Overall, skeptics of the proposal argue that it reflects a political ideology rather than a comprehensive analysis of the modern economy. They believe that the proposed guidelines prioritize blocking mergers over considering their potential benefits for consumers.

In conclusion, the proposed merger guidelines have sparked a heated debate, with critics arguing that they deviate from the traditional consumer welfare standard and prioritize blocking mergers over considering their potential benefits for consumers.

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