Hyundai Card’s Da Vinci Motel culture festival recently took place, featuring a performance by pop star Lee Hyori. The event, hosted by Korea’s top card company, lasted for three days at a cultural complex in Seoul. Lee Hyori’s performance attracted hundreds of fans to the Understage building where music gigs were held. Other performances and talk shows took place in different parts of the venue. Lee performed a variety of songs from her 25-year music career, including her iconic dance hits. She also surprised fans with some of her earlier songs. Lee used the stage to introduce and collaborate with young musicians, including female rappers Goeunisback and KittiB, and singer-producer Babylon. The event concluded with Lee’s 1 1/2-hour show, which marked the end of this year’s Da Vinci Motel event. The festival featured 40 headline speakers from various fields, and was held in collaboration with US tech giant Meta, incorporating mixed reality and augmented reality experiences.

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