Indonesia is undergoing a transition from a natural resource-dependent economy to a modern one focused on manufacturing and service industries. The country is creating a business-friendly environment through political stability and regulatory reforms. Moeldoko, Indonesia’s Chief of Staff to the President, urges Korean businesses to take advantage of Indonesia’s new law on jobs and investment, which simplifies business regulations. Indonesia aims to become the world’s fifth-largest economy by 2045, with a GDP of $7.3 trillion and a per capita income of $29,000. The country offers a welcoming environment for Korean investors and guarantees certainty. Moeldoko emphasizes the strong bilateral ties between Indonesia and South Korea, which will drive future relations in areas such as education, health, and employment. Key areas for Korean investment in Indonesia include electric vehicles, digitalization, technology, and the green economy. The Indonesian government is offering incentives for the purchase of EVs and is working to build a strong EV ecosystem. Moeldoko suggests that culture can bridge geopolitical tensions and political adversities between Indonesia and South Korea. Collaboration, sustainable development, and culture will reshape the economic landscape.

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