The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), the largest political alliance in Pakistan, is no longer functioning. The major political parties with large voter bases feel that they no longer need the alliance. However, smaller parties still hope to revive the alliance before the upcoming elections. PDM leaders have not been interested in holding meetings, and instead, they have been focused on forming new strategies for the elections.

The PDM was created in September 2020 with the goal of removing the PTI government from power. However, it is now considered redundant and unofficially dissolved. The PML-N senator explained that the PDM was not a registered entity, so there was no need for an official announcement of its dissolution.

The Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (JUI-F) spokesperson clarified that the PDM was only meant to be a short-term strategic partnership to end the hybrid regime. The JUI-F has authorized its local chapters to make seat adjustments based on local conditions. Meanwhile, rifts have developed within the PDM, with some smaller parties leaving the alliance due to differences with other groups.

In Balochistan, three political parties that were part of the PDM are facing challenges. The PkMAP is dealing with a rebellion, while the BNP-M is facing internal conflicts in its power base.

Overall, the PDM has become defunct, and the major parties are focusing on their own election strategies. Smaller parties still hope to revive the alliance, but it remains uncertain if that will happen.

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