Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has secured financing from commercial banks, but this money will not be enough for a long time. The airline has used some of this money to pay salaries and fulfill its national and international obligations, such as paying fuel companies, buying spare parts for the aircraft, and airport charges to Saudi Arabia.

According to Abdullah Hafeez Khan, the spokesperson for PIA, the loan from commercial banks is not sufficient for the airline’s long-term needs. However, for now, they will use this money to continue operating.

Despite the financial challenges, there has been an improvement in PIA’s flight operations. On Sunday, they operated 77 flights from airports across the country. Out of these, 25 were domestic flights and the rest were international. The spokesperson mentioned that 87% of PIA flights operated as scheduled on that day.

This information was shared in a press release by PIA’s spokesperson. It is important to note that this news was published in Dawn on September 18, 2023.

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