Yoh Vote is a dating platform created by a team of young South Africans. It is inspired by popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, but instead of connecting people romantically, it matches users with political parties. By answering a set of questions, users can find out which South African political party aligns with their values the most. The platform presents information about the parties in the style of a dating app profile, using manifestos and websites as sources. The goal of Yoh Vote is to make politics more accessible and engaging for young people. The creators, all younger than 25, wanted to combat the perception that young people are disengaged from politics. They believe that people are hungry for information and that Yoh Vote can help them think about where they stand on different issues. The platform is non-partisan and does not tell users who to vote for. Currently, only five parties have profiles on Yoh Vote, but the creators plan to add more and expand the platform’s features in the future.

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