Justice Qazi Faez Isa has had a successful legal career in Pakistan. He has always been committed to upholding democratic values, progressive Islamism, and the rule of law. He comes from a privileged background but also has ties to the persecuted Hazara community, giving him a unique perspective on Pakistan’s socio-political situation. Justice Isa received his education from prestigious institutions and had a successful legal practice before being appointed as the chief justice of the Balochistan High Court. He has been involved in high-profile investigations and has been praised for his courage in making difficult decisions. He has also been known for his landmark judgments, which address important issues such as preventing the misuse of state resources, protecting the environment, defending minority rights, and upholding judicial independence. Some of his notable cases include investigating the killings of the Hazara community, directing intelligence agencies to cooperate with police investigations, and making significant findings in the Faizabad dharna protest. Justice Isa’s judgments have displayed remarkable courage in the face of powerful actors and have upheld constitutional principles and the rule of law.

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