South Korean IT solutions provider LG CNS has partnered with Chinese robotics company XYZ Robotics to collaborate on projects in domestic e-commerce logistics centers. The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to integrate XYZ Robotics’ robot solutions with LG’s robotic integrated operations platform. These robot solutions will be offered through a subscription-based contract. LG CNS highlighted XYZ’s expertise in three-dimensional vision and gripper design and manufacturing. In July, LG CNS introduced its operations platform, which uses AI and big data for real-time analysis of customer orders. The platform includes a warehouse execution system for optimizing product classification and movement sequences, as well as a warehouse control system for monitoring and analyzing robots. The partnership has already launched its first project, applying palletizing and depalletizing robots at logistics centers. LG CNS believes that the logistics automation market is transitioning to the era of robot transformation. In addition to this collaboration, LG CNS is also converting a previously used gas station into a micro fulfillment center using its robot integrated operations platform and a 5G network provided by a company other than the three main telecommunication firms.

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