South Korean telecommunications company KT Corp. has offered suggestions to the Ukrainian government on how to improve the country’s telecom infrastructure and operate with energy efficiency. KT participated in a forum in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and presented its ideas to government officials. The company emphasized the importance of a government-only LTE-based public safety network for high security and rapid response in emergencies. They also proposed a military-broadband convergence network for national defense and a government-exclusive integrated data center for integrated and stable data management. Additionally, KT suggested using its advanced metering infrastructure to manage energy resources efficiently, which is especially important due to Ukraine’s current energy crisis. Ukrainian government officials expressed interest in KT’s proposals and plan to continue discussions for specific business cooperation. KT aims to use its experience in the telecommunications industry to contribute to the urgent improvement of Ukraine’s infrastructure, and the company plans to collaborate closely with other members of the delegation called One Team Korea to aid in Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts.

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