Apple’s relationship with China is under strain as the country imposes bans on the use of Apple products in government departments and state-owned enterprises. The US government has expressed concern, suggesting that China’s actions may be in retaliation against US companies. However, Apple has managed to maintain a strong position in China compared to other US tech giants. The recent launch of a new Huawei smartphone in China has also presented a fresh competitive threat to Apple. Despite these challenges, industry experts believe that the recent share sell-off and concerns over Apple’s position in China are overdone. Apple has been praised for its investment in relationships with Chinese governments and adherence to local regulations. The company has diversified its supply chain to protect its intellectual property. While China has not publicly targeted Apple, experts suggest that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook faces the challenge of diversifying production outside of China while maintaining close ties with Beijing. Apple has already begun shifting production to Vietnam and India. Beijing may be interested in supporting homegrown alternatives to Apple, such as Huawei, but experts believe that Huawei still lags behind Apple in terms of technical aspects and market share.

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