A business collaboration platform called the Green Digital Economy Platform (GDEP) has been launched to connect 62 million Indonesian farmers with Korean scientists and global investors. The platform aims to support farmers in learning advanced skills like meta farming and carbon trading, in order to promote sustainability in the digital economy. The GDEP was officially unveiled under the endorsement of Indonesia’s Presidential Chief of Staff and is spearheaded by HumanX, a global partnership promoting human-centered technology. The platform will serve as a space where Korean technology meets Indonesia’s resources and energy, and where agriculture merges with economy and technology. The goal is to empower Indonesian farmers with artificial intelligence and digital transformation to position Indonesia as a global leader in agritech innovation. The GDEP aligns digital economy and sustainability by pioneering a model that goes beyond the traditional circular economy. By leveraging Korea’s technological advancements, Indonesia’s market and resources, and global research and investment, the GDEP aims to drive digital innovations in agritech, climate-tech, and carbon trading. The platform also aims to foster an environment where both Indonesian and Korean small and medium-sized companies and startups can thrive. The GDEP will implement a framework for carbon offsets valuation and trading to ensure stakeholders benefit from their carbon trading efforts.

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