Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked for South Korea’s cooperation in various areas to help rebuild Ukraine after the war. Zelensky wants South Korea’s assistance in nuclear power, resource development, and the defense industry. He is particularly interested in South Korea’s expertise in large-scale atomic power technology and hopes for their help in solar power and oil-refining facilities. Zelensky also suggested joint mining efforts for lithium, which is an important component of rechargeable batteries. In the defense sector, Zelensky wants to combine South Korean technology with Ukraine’s intelligence on Russia to create advanced weaponry that can be exported to European countries. He also hopes for South Korea’s involvement in automobile manufacturing, dam restoration, and the construction of a high-speed railway line connecting Kyiv and Warsaw. The South Korean delegation, led by Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong, expressed their commitment to supporting Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts and mentioned plans to send a second economic delegation later this year.

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