Popular social media app TikTok has been fined €345 million by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) for violating children’s privacy in Europe. The app, owned by a Chinese company, failed to protect children’s personal information and did not adequately address the risks of underage users accessing the platform. The DPC found that TikTok made accounts of users aged 13 to 17 publicly accessible by default, allowing anyone to view and comment on their videos. The company also did not explain the consequences of making content and accounts public to teenagers. The regulator ordered TikTok to change these misleading designs and protect minors’ privacy within the next three months. This is the largest-ever privacy fine for TikTok and the fifth-largest fine imposed on any tech company under the EU’s privacy law. TikTok has faced criticism for its impact on young users, including viral challenges and addictive algorithms. It is also under investigation for potentially unlawfully transferring European users’ data to China.

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