Justice Bandial, the 28th chief justice of Pakistan, faced numerous challenges during his tenure. He encountered opposition from various political parties, the establishment, the bureaucracy, and the press. Despite facing constant criticism and calls for his resignation, Justice Bandial remained composed and focused on his duties.

One significant event during his time as chief justice was the vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Supreme Court intervened and ruled that the vote was illegal and violated the constitution. As a result, Parliament was restored, marking the first such restoration in almost three decades.

Another contentious judgment by the Bandial Court involved the disqualification of members of the National Assembly who voted against their party’s direction. The Supreme Court ruled that dissident votes should not be counted, linking it to the freedom of association and the rights of political parties.

While some disputed the court’s decision, it was commended for its sharp and combative approach. The judgment emphasized the need for a broad interpretation of the Constitution to address complex issues.

Overall, Justice Bandial handled a difficult situation with skill and patience. His decisions, though controversial at times, were aimed at upholding the rule of law and protecting the sanctity of Parliament.

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