The Torkham border between Afghanistan and Pakistan has reopened after being closed for eight days due to clashes between border forces. Many people and trucks were stranded on both sides of the border, but they were finally able to cross on Friday. Afghan nationals without proper travel documents but with the Afghan national identity card were granted a three-day relaxation to return to Afghanistan. Over 10,000 Afghan nationals crossed the border, and around 80 vehicles carrying export goods from Pakistan also crossed into Afghanistan. The reopening of the border brought joy and relief to the stranded Afghans and transporters who had been waiting impatiently. However, some trucks and containers carrying trade goods were still waiting for customs clearance. The Torkham border was reopened after an assurance from the Afghan foreign ministry that the Afghan territory would not be used for attacks in Pakistan. There is uncertainty about whether the Taliban government will attempt to build a security post near the border crossing again, as previously opposed by Pakistani authorities. Pakistan is committed to expanding trade ties with Afghanistan and is looking to improve cross-border trade and address border-related issues. Trade volume between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been rising, and Pakistan’s economic dependence on Afghanistan and Central Asian states remains crucial.

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