Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has denied reports that it will be closing down its operations. The airline is also assuring that it is making all necessary payments, both nationally and internationally. PIA has grounded several aircraft as it faces financial difficulties and struggles to secure funds to continue operations in the coming months. There were media reports suggesting that the airline would cease operations by September 15, but PIA’s management and lawmakers have strongly responded to those rumors. The Ministry of Aviation has requested a cash injection of Rs23 billion and has also informed the government that leading commercial jet manufacturers Boeing and Airbus may discontinue supplying spare parts by mid-September. PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez Khan has called the reports baseless and stated that flights are still running, and urgent payments are being made. PIA’s reputation has suffered due to these closure rumors, but the airline insists that it is on a strong foundation, capable of handling the current situation. In other news, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has started the pre-bidding process to outsource the operations of Islamabad International Airport under a public-private partnership model. Interested parties have been invited to attend a pre-bid conference in Dubai on September 26.

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