An invasive species of crab from Italy has caused a lot of damage to the country’s ecosystem. The crab has eaten most of the young clams, resulting in a loss of 100 million euros. This problem has sparked excitement in South Korea, where marinated raw crab is considered a delicacy. A seafood importer in Incheon has reached out to the Italian Chamber of Commerce about importing the crab to Korea. Talks are underway, and the importer expects the crabs to arrive within the year. Currently, 97% of imported crabs in Korea come from China, with the remaining 3% from Pakistan and Tunisia. The price of the Italian crabs is expected to be similar to the Pakistani and Tunisian crabs. However, the shell of the Italian crab is harder to eat, which may be a challenge for some people. Despite this, traders hope that the Italian crab will find a fan base in Korea.

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