The Japanese government is planning to implement a “security clearance” system in 2024. This system will give certain individuals special access to classified government data in order to prevent it from being leaked to foreign entities. The move comes as technology that can be used for military purposes is becoming more widespread. The security clearance will likely be required for information related to economic sanctions, cyber policies, and space policies. Japan is considering introducing penalties for data breaches as well. The country’s security clearance system will be based on the one used in the United States, which categorizes information into different levels.

Sanae Takaichi, the minister in charge of economic security, has promised to submit the revised bill during the parliamentary session in early 2024. The lack of clear security clearance protocols has raised concerns in Japan, with domestic companies missing out on business opportunities due to being excluded from joint research endeavors abroad. Although the government had previously planned to include a clearance clause in a bill passed last year, it was rejected due to concerns about invasion of privacy. The selection process for access to classified data will involve scrutinizing personal information such as travel histories, criminal records, and financial situations.

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