The world is celebrating the iPhone’s switch from Lightning to USB-C, but not everyone is thrilled. Lightning has been convenient for iPhone users, as it allowed for easy charging and its small size made it portable. The Lightning standard also created reliable travel accessories like the MagSafe Duo. Apple’s Lightning cables have been dependable, and the MagSafe Duo ensured quick and hassle-free charging. However, the transition to USB-C is inevitable, as most other devices already use this port. USB-C promises a dependable charging system for all gadgets. While there may be some inconvenience in buying new charging gear, it won’t be as painful as the switch from the 30-pin connector to Lightning. USB-C can do everything Lightning can and often performs better. Despite that, many will fondly remember the easy charging and lighter backpacks that came with using Lightning. When Lightning was introduced in 2012, it was hailed as a modern connector for the next decade, and it has certainly lived up to that expectation.

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