Google, one of the largest tech companies, is facing a major antitrust trial launched by the US Justice Department. The government argues that Google’s dominance is not just due to good design, but also coercive deals that have limited competition in the search engine market. The trial began with a relatively small crowd in attendance, and the case against Google centers around the company’s use of anti-competitive tactics to maintain its search engine monopoly. The government claims that Google struck deals to make its product the default on platforms like Apple’s Safari and Android phones. The Justice Department aims to prove this by presenting internal communications that highlight Google’s focus on benefiting itself rather than consumers. The case draws parallels to the Microsoft antitrust case of the 1990s, but Google argues that its actions are aimed at competition and benefitting consumers. The trial also focuses on Google’s use of language and default settings to solidify its dominance. The Justice Department aims to show that Google’s actions have hindered competition and prevented meaningful alternatives to its search engine.

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