During a recent visit to Russia, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was shown new cruise missiles and other advanced military technologies by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The Tu-160 bombers were equipped with new cruise missiles with a range of over 4,040 miles, and each bomber carried 12 missiles. This deployment confirms that the new missile is now in use. Kim also saw the hypersonic Kinzhal missile carried by the MiG-31 fighter jet, which saw combat in Ukraine. In addition, Kim visited a frigate and observed long-range Kalibr cruise missiles, which Russia regularly fires at targets in Ukraine. Kim’s visit to Russia suggests that he may be seeking Russian technologies for his country’s military programs in exchange for providing Russia with ammunition. These visits come amid increasing military cooperation between North Korea and Russia. It is speculated that Kim’s focus on naval strength may be driven by a desire to obtain sophisticated navy technologies and to conduct joint naval exercises with Russia. Kim’s visit to Russia is aimed at strengthening partnerships with Moscow and Beijing to counter the United States and break out of international isolation. No agreements on military cooperation were signed between Russia and North Korea, and any deals on weapons are unlikely to be publicized to avoid international criticism.

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